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The Prophecies of the Sibyls | Medieval Codices

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The Prophecies of the Sibyls


This manuscript, entitled Sibyllae et prophetae de Christo Salvatore vaticinantes (The Sibyls and the prophets who preach Christ the Saviour), came from the studio of the French illuminator, Jean Poyer, (circa 1445-1504) from Tours. It is most likely that the manuscript was acquired by Maximilian I, Elector of Bavaria (1573-1651), more as a work of art than a book, and was, therefore, stored in the Elector’s art collection, only joining the library in 1785.

The facsimile recreates the original to the very last detail. This magnificent edition of 400 copies, numbered before a notary, is produced on 190 gram Italian parchment and embossed with authentic 24K gold. The 100% hand crafted binding of goatskin on board perfectly reflects the motifs of the manuscript preserved in Munich.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Miniatures: 25 full page illuminations.
  • Measurements: 240 x 165 millimetres.
  • Language: Latin.
  • Origin: Studio of Jean Poyer in Tours, France, 15th century.
  • Catalogue number: BSB Cod.icon. 414 of the Bavaria State Library.
  • 375 saleable copies, numbered before a notary, and another 25 non-saleable copies for collaborating institutions.
  • ISBN: 978-84-947357-5-2


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